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Welcome to the International Association of Cultural & Creative Industries (IACCI)

IACCI is a strategic cooperative association for international cultural communication and industry cooperation, with the mission of fully exploring the cooperation possibilities among the association members, promoting the integration of resources in and out of the association, constructing international cooperative platform and accelerating the development of international cultural industries.



Members of the International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries are entitled the following rights:

1. The right to vote and stand for election, the right to vote on association resolutions;

2. The right to make critical advice to work of the associations;

3. The priority to take part in all activities hosted by the association;

4. The priority to academic materials published by the association;

5. The right to all services provided by the associations;

6. The right to withdraw membership. But the withdrawal should be submitted with a written application three months in advance and withdrawal procedure be executed after approval from the executive council.

Member accession procedure:

1. Submission of written application;

2. Recommendation from two members and approval of the executive council;

3. Membership card issued after examination and approval.