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Welcome to the International Association of Cultural & Creative Industries (IACCI)

IACCI is a strategic cooperative association for international cultural communication and industry cooperation, with the mission of fully exploring the cooperation possibilities among the association members, promoting the integration of resources in and out of the association, constructing international cooperative platform and accelerating the development of international cultural industries.

2011 Symposium

August 26th~27th, 2011

Seoul, South Korea

The 4th International Association Cultural & Creative Industries Symposium which initiated by the Hankuk University of Foreign Studies (HUFS) will hosted in Seoul on 26th~27th August 2011. This symposium brings together leading global Cultural and Creative Industry experts and thought leaders from Universities, policy makers and industry from Europe, Asia and Australia.

The symposium agenda engages the international experts around six themes:

1) Convergence between Cultural and Technology (from the perspectives of the East)

2) Convergence between Cultural and Technology (from the perspectives of the West)

3) The Age of Cultural Lag

4) Digital Technology and Cultural Industries

5) Intellectual Property and Cultural Industries

6) Cultural Resource Development and the Amalgamation between the East and the West

Sponsored by: Hankuk University of Foreign Studies / Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism / Korea Creative Content Agency



25th(Thursday), August, 2011

15:00~17:00 A.M. IACCI Regular Meeting

18:00~19:30 A.M. Welcome Dinner

26th(Friday), August, 2011

9:30~10:00 A.M. Registration

10:00~10:30 A.M. Opening Ceremony

10:30~10:40 A.M. Commemorative photo shoots

10:40~11:00 A.M. Key Word Speech

11:10 A.M.~12:20 P.M. Session 1

14:00~15:40 P.M. Session 2

16:00~18:00 P.M. Session 3

18:00~18:10 Closing Ceremony

27th(Saturday), August, 2011

10:00 A.M.~17:00 P.M. A tourism of cultural contents


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