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Welcome to the International Association of Cultural & Creative Industries (IACCI)

IACCI is a strategic cooperative association for international cultural communication and industry cooperation, with the mission of fully exploring the cooperation possibilities among the association members, promoting the integration of resources in and out of the association, constructing international cooperative platform and accelerating the development of international cultural industries.

2010 Symposium

September 30th, 2010

London, UK

The 3rd International Symposium of the IACCI hosted by Lord Bilimoria, president UK India Business Council, founder of Cobra Beer is arranged by London Metropolitan University with its Chinese and Australian partners.

The symposium agenda engages the international experts around four themes:

1) Regional perspectives on the global development of the creative and cultural industries

2) Capacity building opportunities and challenges with emerging markets 2010 and beyond – the Olympics

3) Sector Views: the needs of partners in business exchange

4) Facilitating East West training, research and consultancy: launching the new IACCI business platform



9:00~9:10 Welcome and Introduction

9:15~10:15 Theme 1 Regional Perspectives in the Global Development of Creative and Cultural Industries

10:15~10:30 Refreshment Break

10:45~11:45 Theme 2 Capacity Building: New Emergent Markets 2010 and Beyond: Opportunities and Challenges


14:00~15:00 Theme 3 Sector Views: The Needs of Partners in Business Exchange

15:00~15:15 Refreshment Break

15:30~16:30 Theme 4 Strategic Business Development and Action in Creative and Cultural Industries: Facilitating East West Business Engagement

16:30~17:00 Launch International Association of Cultural and Creative Industries

The new Business Platform for East West Training, Consultancy, Research, Training, Publications

17:00~17:10 Concluding Remarks


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